LifeCell SkinCare

Working on this LifeCell took the skincare industry by storm with its signature All-in-One Treatment. At the time of launching, there wasn’t anything like it on the market. After a series of errors doing in-house fulfillment with a few friends, founders Chris and David Suarez decided it was time to seek a professional fulfillment center. Within no time, Molly Fulfillment was integrated into LifeCell's online shopping cart and orders were being processed error-free without any setbacks. One million orders later, LifeCell is still at a thriving force in the beauty industry. Their subscription-based business model runs differently than that of other company’s. Instead of having a designated day of the month where everyone receives their order, LifeCell’s subscription date starts 30-day from the day of every customer’s first order. This means we’re shipping out hundreds of subscription boxes per month.